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Manningham Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is managed by a Committee of representatives from the various suburbs within the municipality.  The Committee meets every two months and includes Police representatives.  There are more than 700 NHW volunteers working within Manningham, holding regular meetings, producing newsletters and involved in the many field activities.

Neighbourhood Watch was established in Victoria in 1983 and started in Manningham in 1985. At this stage NHW is in regular contact with 60% of the households in Manningham.

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Neighbourhood Watch - How to Make it Work

Neighbourhood Watch relies heavily for its success, on the efforts of the community it serves. The effort required from each individual is actually very small.  The first thing that you are asked to do, is to take sensible precautions to safeguard your own property.  This means that you lock the doors and windows when you leave your home. It also means that you lock your car and ensure that no valuables are visible inside the vehicle. In this way you can make it difficult for a criminal to take your property.


The second thing that you can do, which is the essence of Neighbourhood Watch, is to keep an eye on what is happening in your immediate area.  If you see someone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood, ring Triple Zero (000) and report the matter to the police.  Let them decide what action is required.  


Keep in touch with your immediate neighbours so that you know when they are away from their home or perhaps are expecting a tradesman to call.  Take particular notice of any unusual incidents at your neighbours’ homes.  There may be a sensible explanation but equally you may be witnessing a crime.  Ensure you let your neighbours know what is happening at your house so that they will recognise and notify the police of a possible crime occurring at your home.  


The only way to make Neighbourhood Watch work successfully, is for members of the community to keep a careful Watch in their Neighbourhood.

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